Purchase Lamb

Lamb is a great way to have local, grass-fed meat that is manageable for you your freezer. Lambs are sold as wholes or halves, at $6.00/lb wrapped, plus butcher’s fee of $70 for a whole or $35 for a half. So, what does that mean? On average, half a butchered lamb will weigh between 20-30 lbs and cost between $155-215 A whole lamb (weighing btw 40lbs-50lbs) will cost between $310-$370. Custom cuts available at no extra charge. Lambs sell out quickly, please contact us to ensure availability.

Landscaping?  Katahdin sheep have very mellow personalities when cared for properly.  They are low maintenance, low impact for the landscape, winter hardy, do not need shearing and will eat almost any Midwestern weed. These attributes make them great, no-emissions lawnmowers.  Contact us if you are interested in purchasing lambs for mowing, or as family pets. Please note that sheep are happiest in groups so we require you to purchase at least two.